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We are an IT service support company focused at providing Software Management Systems, Website Development, Mobile App Development and Technical IT Support Services. We support a wide range of IT service providers from SME's to large global organizations.

Our Service

Developing software systems targeted at all business types from SMEs to the industrial manufactures, banks, shops, health centers, financial firms, schools etc.

Software Development

We work with you in bringing out your desired software to best meet your goals and suit your requirements

Web Development

We work with your team to best understand the logic and needs of your website to best meet your needs

UI/UX Design

We work with you to best express how you want your website user experience to be, for your website users

Graphic Design

Our design team ensures your brand is best expressed and quality upheld through out the project till finish


We specialized at networking your computers/work stations in accordance with your requirements, be it LAN or WLAN design

Computer Hardware Repair

We trouble shoot and repair wide range of computer devices ranging from desktops,laptops,printers etc

About Our Company

Jayomi Technology was founded in 2015, we officially started operations in 2017 with the vision and purpose to contribute towards ICT business solutions. To be a digital solutions provider creating customized digital products for various clients.

We are software developers comfortable with developing on various frameworks such as: wordpress, laravel, codeignite, Angular, Bootstrap and programming langauges such as HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Java and PHP

We also provide hardware and networking services to meet your needs. Our team of consultants are well placed and equiped in their respective fields of expertise with proven background experience. From server configuration to networking WLAN or LANs, our team of experts are here to serve you best.

Country Broom Cleaning Ltd

Country Broom is a provider of waste management services in the province of Lusaka, Zambia.The company prides itself on its ability to deliver reliable and efficient waste collection and transportation services in the district, in such a way that it contributes to the overall development of the district.

Tsalach Worth

TSALACH Worth Consultants is a key Business player in consulting and advisory services field within Zambia. Our business categories serve a wide range of domestic, regional and multinational clients (large and SMEs) who already are and are yet to be recognized as market leaders in multiple business areas.

Kamulanga Secondary School

The school was built in 1976 under the World Bank initiative to carter for the children of Jack compound, who at the time had no School in the vicinity. Due to excitement brought by the school in the area, the people marveled at the sight of the school and called it ‘Kamulanga’ a Tonga expression, implying ‘come and see.’/p>

FAQ and Our Skills

Here are some frequently asked questions and some of our best skills

Frequently Asked Questions

We will walk you through the website development stages and time line as each project/website is unique and has its on requirements. Ideally it takes 4 to 8 weeks to have a completely finished website, this is to allow for detailed interaction between your team and our development, to enable us deliver your desired product/website.
Have a customized developed POS or ERP allows you to dictate exactly what features you want appear on your system, also design layout. We can also include/add local language feature to enable all your employees be able to use the system. A POS/ERP enables you to run and keep track of your entire business operations, of which you can keep track from any location only too.
Most certainly, as the number of mobile users is increasing more than desktop/laptop users. We spend more time on our smart phones browsing the internet, there more people on there phones than behind a desktop/laptop. During lunch breaks for example, we tend to browse our phones as we wait in ques at cafes/bus stops/waiting halls etc...
A website is a reflection/representation of your business. Some websites are purely for advertisement, while many are interactive with their audience. Facebook for example is a website that is highly interactive and has eCommerce features. So the cost of a website really depends on what you want the website do for you. Is it for a private secure eCommerce system or a booking system where your clients can make appointments and you have backend admin control to the bookings etc. For our pricing, please review the Pricing page

Our Skills

Android Development


Website Development


Network Installation


Hardware/Software installation


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